Data Science Solutions

Data and capability to extract useful knowledge from data should be regarded as a key strategic asset. Focusing on how to invest in data assets very often pays off in the long run In order to make the right decisions, organisations need right DATA and right DATA SCIENCE talent to extract knowledge from the data. Often companies have data but lack the competencies to extract value from data. We fill this gap by using our DATA ENGINEERING, DATA SCIENCE and MACHINE LEARNING competencies.

  • Using our solutions you can gain ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS, enhance DECISION MAKING & AGILITY, reduce DELAYS, reduce COSTS, achieve OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE.
  • We can help you transform your DATA into a VALUABLE ASSET.
    • Are you capturing the right DATA? Which Data assets should you invest in? To what extent should you invest? Which data investments should you reduce or stop?
    • How you can focus on DATA as a STRATEGIC asset by leveraging Data Science to gain a competitive advantage?
    • Are you using the right Data Science strategies?
    • How you can exploit new and existing data sets for competitive advantage?
  • Why us?
    • We bring modern, world class technology based solutions to enhance DATA-DRIVEN-DECISION making and hence maximise your revenue and reduce cost of operations.
    • Our ability to approach problems "data-analytically", helps us assess how data can improve your organisations performance?
    • Our way of working is based on a set of fundamental concepts and principles that facilitate careful thinking and systematic problem solving.
    • Our DATA ENGINEERING, DATA SCIENCE and MACHINE LEARNING capabilities will help you to envision opportunities for improving DATA-DRIVEN-DECISION making or to see data-oriented competitive threats.


Our Offerings

Data Acquisition, Cleaning, Transforming

Data acquisition (capturing) best practices - Capture right data to create meaningful datasets, Data modelling, Reduce cost of maintaining data, etc.

  • Capture structured, unstructured data from multiple sources
  • Clean, preprocess
  • Transform data which will serve as an input for modeling and extracting knowledge.

Data Modeling

We can work with you to review your existing data models to check if right data being captured to facilitate advanced analytics. We can work with you to fill these gaps by right data modeling.

Predictive Analytics

Using statistical techniques and/or machine learning algorithms we help you understand the future. We try to answer a question "What could happen?"

  • We provide you actionable insights about your data.
  • We help you transform your data into VALUABLE ASSET
  • We apply right combination of statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to extract knowledge. We estimate about a likelyhood of future outcome.
  • Using modern state of the art technologies we facilitate you DATA-DRIVEN-DECISION making.

Data Visualization

Businesses that value design will leap ahead because they will be able to quickly assimilate information, efficiently focus time and efforts, and create alignment, agility and effectiveness.

  • We understand how to present quantitative information by means of graphics. Our VISUAL DESIGN skills enable us to select right type of visualization techniques for quick insights and decision making.
  • We use effective visual design practices to communicate dense collection of information efficiently with exceptional clarity using INTUITIVE DASHBOARDS.

Descriptive Analytics

Using descriptive analytics techniques, we provide you insights into the past to answer the question "What has happened?". Understand at aggregate level what is going on in your company.

  • Understand past performance using state of the art modern dashboards and visualizations.
  • Basic statistical analytics
  • Interpret historical data using intuitive visualizations based on modern technologies.


While we have rich experience serving several industries, our current focus is on giving solutions to some of the useful use cases required across industries and also use cases required by specific industries such as Finance, IT, Manufacturing. Our goal is to add value to your business using our DATA and OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE experties. Our solutions would help your organisation to enhance DECISION MAKING, bring AGILITY, improve PREDICTABILITY and QUALITY. It will help you to minimise DELAYS and to decrease costs by application of best practices in capturing right data (measurements), in right manner. Using modern DATA SCIENCE principles, MACHINE LEARNING algorithms, and best-in-class VISUALIZATION technologies, we help you see and understand data, recognise PATTERNS to make accurate DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONS as quickly as possible.

Data Transformation Solutions

  • We can work with you to transform your raw datasets coming from various sources, structured and/or unstructured into High Quality Information, which would enable us to extract meaningful insights, by application of right modeling algorithms and high quality visualizations for DATA-DRIVEN-DECISION making.

Solutions to Specific Use Cases

Following are some of the representative use cases. You may be having similar requirements to fulfil your critical business needs.

  • Product recommendations (Retail, e-Commerce)
  • Personalised marketing (cross industry)
  • Predict Purchase behaviour (Retail, Realty and other industries)
  • Predict Customer churn (cross industry)
  • Predict Employee churn (cross industry)
  • Minimise Procurement cost (cross industry)
  • Identify riskly bank loans (Banking & Finance)
  • Filtering spam messages (email, sms) from large data sets. (Telecom and other industries)
  • Automatic classification of items (Cross industry)


Bizino is a boutique Consulting & Solutions organisation that specialises in facilitating organisations to INNOVATE & SUCCEED. Organisations need to deliver Operational Excellence in every corner of the company. Operational excellence involves continuous business innovations and improvements to achieve a competitive advantage. In doing so, companies maximize value for their customers as well as shareholders.

WE INNOVATE to CREATE VALUE for our clients.


Our VISION is to transform raw DATA into VALUABLE ASSETS to gain competitive advantage for our clients.

Our VALUES are the reason for our existence and our success.

  • We believe in EXCEEDING CLIENT EXPECTATIONS by adding value to client's business.
  • We render our services in an ETHICAL and TRANSPARENT manner.


Our founders have a rare blend of BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY, LEADERSHIP and RESEARCH experience.

  • Over 45 years of combined experience.
  • Diverse TECHNOLOGY and INDUSTRY experience. Ability to apply cross industry and in best practices.
  • Application and Implementation experience of number of international best practices such as Lean Management, Six Sigma, CMMi, CMMi SVC, ISO 9001, ISO 27000, TOGAF, etc.
  • Certifications: DATA SCIENCE & MACHINE LEARNING, COMPUTATIONAL THINKING & DATA SCIENCE, TOGAF Enterprise Architect, PMP, PRINCE2, ISEB Software Testing, IFPUG Function Point Analysis, etc.
  • Qualifications: MBA, PG & Advanced PG in Software Technology, Quality Management, BE Mechanical, BE Electronics

Global Experience

Over past two decades, our founders have created value for several Fortune 100/500 companies delivering innovative solutions to several complex problems.

  • Europe, North America, Asia
  • Manufacturing, BFSI, Retail, Telecom, Education, Public Sector, ...
  • Philips, Siemens, Ahold, KPN, Citibank, Barclays, Godrej, ...

Diverse Technology landscape

We have rich experience giving solutions to clients using right tools and technologies.

  • From proprietory Microsoft, Oracle, IBM to several Open Source tools and technologies...
  • Business applications, N-tier Enterprise applications, SOA, Web, System progamming...
  • Data Science & Machine Learning technologies

our Value Proposition

You can rely on us. Our value proposition for you is to deliver

  • World class quality at competitive price
  • Reliable Service


  • Suresh Dhamapurkar - Director & Principal Consultant
  • Shilpa Dhamapurkar - Director & Technology Specialist

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